The Center provides science based education on Cannabis and other medicinal plants— how to harness their essence for restorative and therapeutic uses with clear and accessible live seminars and online courses designed by experts with years of experience in their fields and close ties to the community working with regulators, policy coalitions, trade organizations, farmers, scientists, and retailers.

Tickets are $60 each & early bird couple tickets for $100. You must be age 21+ to attend.

Terpene Workshop Sat. Dec. 4th, 2021 at Bird Valley Farm

Join us at at Bird Valley Farm on Dec. 4th from 3-5pm for a deep dive into the fascinating world of terpenes in cannabis and the physical and mental effects they have on our bodies.

We will learn about the most common terpenes in modern cannabis, and how terpene profiles are the best indicators of the potential effects of a particular cultivar (strain) rather than just THC and CBD levels alone. We will also learn how to start thinking beyond the current ‘Indica’ and ‘Sativa’ terminology to guide our cannabis choices with the latest analytical lab based scientific data insights.

Attendees will use their senses to explore the aromas of terpenes and get to challenge their noses with a fun olfactory palate training exercise!


The History of 420 Terminology

The History of 420 Terminology

The term 420 referring to Cannabis originated by a group of friends, nicknamed the Waldos, from San Raphael High School.

Our goal is to empower communities with exclusive industry insights and trade best practices from professional experience in order to be self sufficient in facilitating health and wellness. The Center is focused on preserving the values established in the Compassionate Use Act to elevate expertise & service to communities across the globe.

By aligning with native ecology, stewarding our gardens to produce wholesome phyto-therapies and healing compounds, we demonstrate how to use regenerative best practices that go beyond organic farming and support the craft movement. Our advocacy through education supports small farms and continuing the mission of sourcing the best botanicals while thinking local first!

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