Cannabis Consultant Certification

Online Cannabis Consultant certification program at SCCOBS Santa Cruz Center of Botanical StudiesThe Cannabis Consultant Certification online program covers the science of cannabis and the human body, delivery methods, and harm reduction in addition to shedding light on key business skills like sales training. This training is intended to empower all to feel confident to clearly articulate the natural healing capabilities of the mighty cannabis plant. Participants will be equipped with a small arsenal of empirical expertise to discuss in future consultations whether they be personal or professional. Professionals that can benefit include retailers, ancillary service providers, caregivers, holistic practitioners and wellness centers.

We have an opportunity to revolutionize the way our society nurtures health, wellness, and the environment with the careful cultural sculpting of this new industry. The noble pursuit to alleviate society’s negative social stigma through education requires compassionate and informed training provided by this Cannabis Consultant certification.

With so many misconceptions about cannabis and no authority supporting research or education, it is up to us to write a new positive narrative through our example and take on the monumental role of stewardship for this plant.

Certification Requirements

5 hours of online instruction

Complete five one hour online courses:

• Cannabis Botanical Basics
• Cannabis Chemistry
• Human Physiology with Cannabis
• Method of Delivering Medicinal Cannabis
• Cannabis Dosage & Safety

Complete all examinations with a
passing grade of 80% or better.