Our seminars are designed to provide you a with a unique personal experience in becoming a self-sufficient steward with knowledge to care for you and your family’s health and wellness using Phyto Therapy and achieve physical and ecological alignments.

Together, we will continue Santa Cruz’s legacy of being a community of progressive leaders with a thirst for entrepreneurship and strong drive to nurture a healthy and peaceful environment.


Craft Cannabis Seminar
Sunday, Dec. 9th 2018

This seminar examines the art of Cannabis evaluation to determine quality using the senses & the scientific method sourced from years of judging Cannabis cups for High Times & The Emerald Cup. Fine craft Cannabis standards were defined highlighting small local farms using regenerative practices, stewarding the land. We discussed the effort to establish appellations of standards, practices, and varietals for the area around Santa Cruz. Attendees witnessed a conversation with the legendary Kagyu from Coastal Seed discussing his experience growing landrace cultivars from around the world. Samples of these rare varietals were made available for viewing.

Participants were able to meet craft cannabis producers, distributors and dispensaries from Therapeutic Healthcare Collective, Treehouse, Bird Valley Organics, Coastal Sun Farm, West Coast CBD Supply and Jade Nectar.

Cannabis Synergy Seminar
Sunday, May 6th 2018

The seminar covered the leading research of Cannabis Synergy shedding light on how Terpenes work synergistically with Cannabinoids to regulate homeostasis, achieving balance in our bodies.

Participants learned how phyto chemicals are created and gained answers to questions of why the Cannabis plant is so symbiotic with our bodies and our environment, adding vitality to our minds, bodies, and gardens.

The seminar explored how to deliver this powerful combination to alleviate ailments such as chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, autism, epilepsy and select autoimmune disorders for both children and adults.

All participants received a taste of a CBD smoothy and a starter pack of seeds for their gardens.